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About us


We always thought that it should not be complicated to create your unmistakable look and show the world who you are. You shouldn't change your entire wardrobe or reconsider everything - one last finish should be enough to round off everything.

In search of something like that, we soon realized that it is not so easy to find. We tried dozens of various accessories and brands, but none of them offered the desired look or the desired effect. It didn't take long for us to realize that we had to create ourselves what we were looking for. That was the beginning of serasar.

Designed for life

Around serasar We obtained the finest leather and a team of experienced craftsmen who could shape it according to our ideas. The result was a unique range of bracelets and other accessories that enable you to be the one you want to be.

And because every piece is handmade and committed to our luxurious aesthetics, it offers the unique addition of your look you were looking for.

Gift of a unique style

serasar Existed to connect people with small accessories and to beautify life. It's about being completely yourself without having to follow the mass. And it's also about surprising loved ones in your life with something unique that they would never have expected.

To make this possible, we ensure that thanks to your packaging you are always ready to give you as soon as you leave our hands. That means just a little more wrapping paper and you can give a special person a gift at any time that will certainly never get out of fashion.


From the very first moment we knew that we want to give our customers a unique feeling with our products and we have never forgotten this vision. We promise everyone who chooses our brand an extraordinary quality and 100% satisfaction.

We would not be satisfied with less.

This is what our customers say about serasar

We always want to offer our customers an extraordinary shopping experience. An important part of this is to deal with customer reviews transparently and openly. We encourage our customers to share their experiences with our products on neutral evaluation platforms and give feedback. This should ensure that customer reviews are authentic and genuine and as a new customer you can have the best possible experience with us.

We do not have to hide and therefore like to invite you to get your own picture of what our customers are about serasar say.

serasar Is available everywhere

products from serasar You can find many, different online marketplaces.

Regardless of whether you buy us in our own online shop or on one of the marketplaces, our customer support is at your side if you have any questions or suggestions about our products.