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Size chart

How to determine the correct length?

It all depends on the circumference of your wrist - ideal for measuring with tape measure, thread or mobile phone charging cable.
The inner diameter of the bracelet is always slightly smaller than the length. If you measure your wrist circumference, please add 1.5cm for the appropriate length.

Of course, a tape measure is very helpful here. But you can also put a thread or even a mobile phone charging cable tightly around your wrist and measure the length afterwards with a ruler. Then add another 1.5 cm to this result and select the correct length in the table. This applies to (almost) all of our bracelet models.
 SERASAR Armbands

Details about the individual lengths

17cm(S) is small and suitable for teenagers, women and men with thin wrists
20cm(M) is well suited for normal men's wrists
23cm(L) is already very large and only suitable for men with exceptionally strong wrists

I can't re-measure the wrist, now what?

If you do not have the opportunity to measure the wrist beforehand, for example, because you want to give away the bracelet, then we have the following tip for you:
You have the highest chance of getting the right length with 20cm (M). On average, this suits most men.