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Perfect Match - Leather Bracelet & Matching Purse

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Get the perfect combination for your outfit! In our bundle, the real leather bracelet for men and the RFID money exchange in black meet. This match optimally rounds off every outfit. And they still save money.
  • Fits perfectly-Simple, elegant and coordinated. The black leather bracelet with gold accents harmonizes perfectly with the classic wallet.
  • Quality-Real cowhide, brushed stainless steel (rustproof) and a strong magnetic closure meets chrome-tanned nappa leather of the wallet. We only use high -quality materials.
  • Individually -The real leather strap can be expanded with the enclosed link. Both the wallet and the bracelet come in a noble gift box.

A very special bracelet ...

Our bracelet has a striking, but at the same time elegant design, which creates a coherent overall picture through its two leather strands and the high gloss stainless steel closure (in black, silver or gold). In addition, you also get the bracelet with stainless steel elements on the leather strands. Which model you choose, you are guaranteed to attract attention. Show what you have!


... with a special extension!

Due to the additional link already attached to the bracelet, the bracelet can be extended to adapt to the respective forearm. Also suitable for all those who would like to wear the bracelet a little more loosely.


Our magnetic closure

Safe hold and simple handling. With the stainless steel magnetic closure, your bracelet is tightly closed. It is easy to use with one hand and ensures a clean conclusion, without producing protruding elements that look unsightly or produce pressure points. Simply comfortable!


Our jewelry box

When opening a gift, the first impression counts. This should be unforgettable and put a smile on the face of the recipient.
For this moment, every Serasar bracelet is delivered in our unique jewelry box, which can be elegantly presented the content and can be used for stylish and safe storage afterwards. The perfect gift!


Our quality

Only real cowhide is used for our bracelets. You can feel and smell that. The closure made of brushed stainless steel is rust -free.

Serasar wallet

Your classic men's sports blend in landscape format for everyday use. Large banknotes, small coin money, the vehicle license and your ID cards and credit cards; Everything fits into this wallet.

Our RFID protection

Modern RFID and NFC radio chips have now been installed in every common money or ID card. In this way, thieves can easily get their sensitive data, as the cards are constantly, unencrypted and accessible to their surroundings for everyone. A special film is therefore incorporated in the back wall of our wallet, which reliably protects the wallet from data robbery and undesirable reading of personal and sensitive data.

Our gift box

Would you like to give away the wallet? It should look good because it is for a very special occasion? It is best to pack it too? We'll make it easy for you! You get the wallet in a pretty gift box to stage it perfectly and make your loved ones happy. The first impression counts and we will help you. The perfect gift!

Our quality

Only soft nappa leather comes into question for your wallet. Nappaleder is a chrome -engined smooth leather from the calf with full scars. This so -called full scarred leather has the best leather quality because it has not been separated from the scar or fiber layer, which makes it the strongest and most durable type of leather. For a long shelf life of your wallet!

Perfect Match - Leather Bracelet & Matching Purse
Perfect Match - Leather Bracelet & Matching Purse Sale price54,00 € Regular price64,00 €