How do I determine the right length?

How do I determine the right length?

It depends on the circumference - ideal with the tape measure, thread or cell phone cable

The inside diameter of the bracelet is always slightly smaller than the length. If you measure your wrist range, please pay 1.5 cm for the right length.

A measuring tape is of course very helpful here. But you can also put a thread or even a cell phone cable tightly around your wrist and measure the length with a ruler afterwards. Add 1.5 cm to this result.

Details about the individual lengths

15cm (XS) 

17cm (s) 

19cm (m) 

21cm (L) 

23cm (XL) 

25cm (XXL) 

I can't measure the wrist, what now?

If you don't have the option of measuring the wrist beforehand because you want to give away the bracelet, for example, there are some tips here:

  • In 90% of cases, men fit the lengths 19cm (m) and 21cm (L).
  • If in doubt, they are correct with one of these two lengths.
  • 19cm (m) with a rather slim male type.
  • 21cm (L) in a rather sporty men's type.