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Article: 5 tips on how your leather bracelet overshadows the summer without prejudice

5 Tipps, wie Dein Lederarmband den Sommer unbeschadet übersteht

5 tips on how your leather bracelet overshadows the summer without prejudice

The summer is in big steps and while your leather bracelet has done good service in winter, maybe you now ask yourself if it needs a different care during the summer months, whether it takes odors and what happens when you come into a summer thunderstorm.

One in advance: just because it's summer, that does not mean that you have to do without leather! Especially with loose leather bracelets you have to do absolutely no worries during the warm season!

A leather strap is a natural product that requires care and attention to stay for a long time, especially in summer, where heat, salt water and sweat can damage him.


Tip 1: Change your bracelets regularly

Just like leather pants, leather bracelets also have direct contact with your skin. However, you can do your bracelet - other than you do it with your clothes - not just throw into the washing machine. So how can you make sure that your leather bracelet stays nice as long as possible? One of the easiest ways is not to wear it 365 days a year. Logical, right?

Treat your bracelet just occasionally a break, so it can breathe without being wrapped around your skin. Maybe you even have several brands and can wear them alternately.


Tip 2: Hold your leather bracelet away from moisture

Leather is a natural material, therefore "alive". It ages, changed, gets patina. Moisture and sweat in summer are a crucial element that needs to be considered. As already mentioned, you can not easily wash your leather strap as dirty socks. Especially in summer it is important to change the bracelet regularly and do not wear it constantly. Take off it in the evening and always let it dry well!

It is also understood by itself: never swim with your leather bracelet and protect it as before rain. If it's wet, let it dry well and then care it with a cream!


Tip 3: Remember to maintain your bracelet

Leather must regularly maintain and supplied with moisture. It's skin. What happens to your hands, if you do not crush her with lotion? Right: You will be dry. Sometimes even so dry that they become cracked, right? So it is also with leather bands. To prevent them from drying out and cracking, we recommend that you care for a cream for leather.

This is a breeze: wipe the dust first with a minimally damp cloth, then gently massage the cream into your band in small circular movements until it is smooth and dull. The leather will thank you with longevity!


Tip 4: Treat your leather bracelets with care

What's worse than swimming with your leather strap? Every morning while creating violently to draw it and wrinkle it - and the same every night when you take it again. Every time you pull your bracelet, it is stressed heavily and points to the place where it was attacked (mostly on the fold), especially unsightly stains. The leather will suffer from the consequences. So, when putting on and undressing your bracelet always because it is a noble material and relatively fragile.


Tip 5: Unpleasant odors will you get started again:

Despite all caution and care, it may be that your leather bracelet takes a welding smell. No stress - that's not the end of the world! There are a few small tips with which you are releasing the unpleasant smell again:

  • You can brush the leather strap with water and a mild soap carefully. Let it dry well!
  • There is a special leather soap that you can use for cleaning. That keeps the material particularly supple.
  • You can fight the smell with vinegar water. Mix two equal parts of water and vinegar and rub the bracelet thoroughly. Then the leather has to trigger well - please avoid direct sunlight!


Our tips in a nutshell: Try to change your bracelet frequently or at least do not attract it daily (especially in summer). Avoid moisture, but remember to treat it with a special care cream. Last but not least: treat your leather bracelet with care. In the long run, this makes a big difference helping your leather bracelets stay for a long time!

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