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Article: Styleguide: How do I combine a bracelet with clock?

Styleguide: Wie kombiniere ich ein Armband mit Uhr?

Styleguide: How do I combine a bracelet with clock?

You have been wearing a clock for a long time and have now bought a nice bracelet or maybe get paid? Clear that you are now asking how you can combine these two accessories well. There are a few guidelines regarding color and material - so watch and bracelet look harmonious and stylish!

The golden rule is that there are no rules. Allowed is what you like! Color, material, left or right: therefore pay attention to the comfort and practicability in everyday life.


Your bracelet can you carry both left and right!

Wear the bracelet on the same wrist like your watch. So probably left. Here is the advantage of a leather strap clear on the hand: the soft material scratches no clock! If you carry the bracelet at the dominant hand (so where the clock is), your bracelet will definitely attract all the looks.

Of course you can Your Serasar bracelet also wear on the other side. Here comes the balance: big clock means big bracelet, small watch means narrow, inconspicuous bracelet. Just as important as the style of the bracelet is also the comfort! Unlike the dominant hand, the bracelet botheres you neither when writing or other activities that you run as right-handed rights.


The right bracelet size hangs together with your body size

Before you combine, you should pay attention to choosing the right leather strap!

Such a master bracelet that fits in your size: smaller bracelets fit to thin wrists. You are big and sporty? Then grab to a larger bracelet. Besides, a bracelet should sit properly! Nothing is unpleasant than a bracelet that is too narrow. And if it slips, it takes advantage of it very fast.


Bracelet and clock combine is not complicated!

Imagine an orchestra when combining leather bracelet and clock. An instrument alone can play a few notes - the melody comes about by a combination of individual instruments. And just as it should be when you wear watch and men's bracelet at the same time: no piece should steal the show to the other! So how to combine colors and materials so that you look stylish and modern and fit your accessories for clothing?


  • Tone in tone: Whether you wear a modern or a classic watch - the bracelet can record your style and color. You wear a classic wristwatch in silver? Then choose a leather strap in silver. With this basic rule you can not go wrong!
  • contrast: You stand on contrasts? Do you wear white sneakers a linen sweater? Then surprise with a bracelet, which states out! Here is the right size important: If the bracelet is too narrow, it will go down, it is too wide, your watch can quickly move too far into the background.
  • Style mix: Just because your watch is a classic model, that does not mean that you can only combine them with classic accessories. If you like different styles, you turned out! It is important only that you do not combine more than 3 colors and materials.


No stress: bracelet and clock fit at work and in the work

The answer is simple: the combi bracelet and clock fits everything. Whether during the day in the office to the noble business look, evening at the afterwork or business lunch, but also at the meeting with friends or a walk with your family. Combined correctly can you wear your watch with a bracelet at any time!


High quality leather bracelets from Serasar

At Serasar you will find high-quality leather bracelets with magnetic closure, which complete your outfits excellently. Choose the color that fits you (and your wrist watch!) And create a style that fits into the office, but also in the cinema! From simple black leather bracelets to eye-catching, two-tone men's bracelets we offer everything! Above all, our simple bracelets are made to be carried along with men's watches. A watch with leather bracelet will wear so much play!

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