Maintain leather bracelets

You love your cowhide bracelet and now ask yourself what you can do to get it in good condition as long as possible. There are some simple rules that allow your leather strap a long life!

One thing in advance: Cowhide is one of the most widely used leather species and convinces with its robustness and can be very easy to maintain and clean.

Caution when switching on and off

When attaching and removing a bracelet, a simple law applies: The cowhide should be narrowed and bent as little as possible, as it can be cracked. Do not worry: Due to the magnetic closure of Serasar this is absolutely no problem!

Avoid water!

Leather is not compatible with this liquid element. So do not swim in the sea and no shower with your (beef) leather strap. But do not go crazy: nobody is sure of a rain shower or friends, which push in a swimming pool ... In these cases, however, let your bracelet dry well - but absolutely avoid direct sunlight or the heat of radiators avoid! If your bracelet is dirty, clean it with a slightly damp cloth and let it dry well afterwards.


If your leather bracelet is stump, use a dry brush: Thanks to strong brushes, the cowhide finds its shine again. If that is not enough, you should absolutely maintain the leather. Give a swab colorless leather care on the bracelet, blew well, let her act and brush the bracelet well a few minutes later. So your bracelet will be like new! Leather fat, leather spray or leather milk are best suited, because these products not only maintain your cowhide bracelet, but also protect the leather. Note: Better take a bit too little than too much of the care product, otherwise the leather can look bacony.

Change your bracelet regularly!

Leather is a living material. As with a few shoes, it is important that the leather can breathe. Maybe you have more than just a bracelet and can wear your accessories alternately. So you do not just win elegance and style, but your cowhide bracelets can dry and thank you with longevity!

Pay attention to quality when buying!

This rule is quite simple: Get a SERASAR leather camband! We only use real cowhide of excellent quality! Thanks to a sophisticated closure, you can put on and take off the bracelet without pulling the ribbon or pulling it. And when storing in the supplied jewelery box, the cowhide bracelet is also perfectly stored if you do not wear it on your wrist.

All in all, it is very easy to maintain your bracelet from cowhide! With a few steps and healthy sense, you will enjoy your fashionable accessory for a very long time!


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