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Article: Choosing the right outfit for your imagination conversation

Die Wahl des richtigen Outfits für Dein Vorstellungs-Gespräch

Choosing the right outfit for your imagination conversation

You have a job interview for your dream job and do not know now which outfit is the right one? Is the suit too boring? Are the shoes okay? Are my accessories suitable? Suit and tie or better jeans and polo?

These are all legitimate questions that you should definitely face when the big day is approaching. Even if no one does not add: in reality, the outfit makes the man and the first impression counts! Therefore, it is important to know the company's dresscode to optimize your chances of the job.  

Depending on the job and business, your outfit is not the same. Here is a look at the customs and customs of job interviews.


The basic rules for your outfit at job interview

The most important thing in advance: make sure that everything is well maintained: ironed pants and shirts, no half-loose buttons or a hem, which slowly dissolves. Pay attention to your accessories that the individual pieces fit together and the overall picture is consistent. Especially with leather accessories is regular care important: plaster your shoes again, use a leather care for your bracelet and show you from your best side!

Avoid digital watches or wristwatches with large dial leaf, which is overloaded with huge tachymeters, world-time zone displays, etc. Find a watch with leather strap and plain dial that fits in your wrist.

 Be dear Overdressed instead of Underdressed. Get your best suit from the closet, take the long-sleeved shirt instead of the polo shirt and choose the elegant shoes. But: Do not pull anything in which you do not feel good. The best way to sample your outfit a few times, so that you are sure that everything is sitting and not limb or bothers you. If you feel good in your clothes, you radiate that too and is self-assured!

Before you decide for an outfit, take a look at the website or social media of the company to find out how your future colleagues are attracted. Be attracted a tick better.

If you need to take a laptop or documents (CV, testimonials, etc.) to your job interview, a high-quality briefcase or folder would be perfect for this! Avoid rucksacks and carry your laptop and the documents not just loose in your hand. Your goal is to leave a good impression on your interlocutor!


Your perfect outfit in business look!

If you apply yourself to a place in an international group in the insurance industry or in finance, your outfit should be discreet: with a dark suit, a white or striped shirt, cuff buttons, tie, leather shoes and subtle accessories you are on the safe side . A narrow leather bracelet harmonizes well with a long-sleeved shirt and does not stand very well.

Choose at suit and shirt classic colors like blue, gray, white - avoid black, which should be reserved for evening events. It is not about showing originality, but to convey the impression of seriousness.

You are not sure to choose the right accessory to your business outfit? Throw a look In our guide.


The choice of accessories for your business casual outfit

A less formal job interview does not mean that you should not wear an elegant and above all serious outfit. For example, if you are struggling a job in marketing or in a trendy start-up, a suit is not a must - but it is not wrong to wear one. Make a compromise and let the tie on the suit at home.

Instead, take a stylish accessory that underlines your style. This can be a bracelet in a color that fits the rest of the outfit or even a clock that is stylish and discreet at the same time. So you can easily create a business casual outfit. You can complete your outfit with a belt, a clock or a matching leather bracelet.

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