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Article: Find the right bracelet length for gifts

Die richtige Armbandlänge für Geschenke herausfinden

Find the right bracelet length for gifts

If you buy a bracelet, the first thing you are probably doing that Measure your wrist. Because how else should you know how long your bracelet has to be?

But now you want to give away a bracelet? Of course, you can not simply do with the tape measure - after all, the whole thing should be a surprise!

But do not worry, there are a few tips and tricks that you can find out the right length and easily give away a great Serasar bracelet!


How do I find out the right bracelet length?

Almost all men carry bracelets with 19 or 21 cm in length. The bustling thing is rather slim? Then take the short version - in sporty or very large men you are lying with 21 cm correctly.


Do not worry about false lengths - thanks to Extra-Link

All our bracelets are supplied with an additional limb, whereby every specified basic length can be extended by 1 cm!

So small and yet a big effect: This Extract member gives you a little scope, if you are not sure about size, needing a intermediate size or let it be left to the gifted, whether he wants to wear the bracelet rather loose or fitting.

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